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A Little Shopping, A Little Happiness…. July 19, 2010

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Its actually my working week only and it hasn’t been a very smooth start either. The biggest thing which I find as a blocking factor is the absence of the physical presence of the delegates and not to know their reactions right at that when its important to know about it. Its a really important thing and if you do public presentations and/or seminars , you would be knowing that how much its vital and important! Anyways, I can’t do anything about it as its not something which is in my hands. All I can do is to try my best that all goes fine and smooth. I am trying my best to do so( I do it in all of my sessions) and just can hope and pray that my efforts bear fruit as well! Anyways, the idea of this post was not to mention my (usual) tension about the program but about a little happiness that I felt today so let’s move on to it.

If you know me or have been coming and reading things over here, it should be known that I am not much into shopping for myself. Its rather very rare that I would go and buy something for me and just for me only! I shall buy for my family only, that’s all! In that process, at times , I get something for me too but the proportion of that happening is very very less! I am rather pushed to buy something for me most of the times. That doesn’t mean that I don’t buy anything at all for me, no, don’t think like that! I do buy stuff for me but mostly when I need that! Its not that I would go for fun and buy stuff for me. And in that too, there is a condition that I would try to get something which is unique, both for me and for the rest of the world as well! Though, I don’t really care at all about what the worlds says/thinks but still, I hate being a part of the crowd and the same goes for the things that I shall get for me. Combine all of such (odd/weird) things, the chances that I shall like something and get it, are slim to almost none. But as I said,  I do buy stuff for me as well with the only condition is that I must like it! And the same goes for today as well since I bought somethings for me today.

I am mostly on the road and if you are like me, you must be agreed to this that its a real tough job at times to hold your phone and also push the luggage trolleys or eat or write something on the forms and the list goes on and on and on. And in this kind of situations, all one wants to be hands-free for using his phone. For this, wireless, bluetooth enabled devices are the only choice that one has. But the issue, which one to buy? Well, this question did boggle me as well when I first planned to buy it. But despite needed, I didn’t spend too much time for doing research( stupidity) and bought the standard one which Nokia supplies. Though its okay but it didn’t serve too well for me and landed up in my cupboard eventually . In the meantime, my friend Aman(deep) told me that he has got a headset from Plantronics . He bought the model, Voyager-Pro. Well, I completely got hooked to it the moment I saw that and asked him to place an order for me as well. Its not available so readily ( atleast where I checked last time) and has to be purchased via placing a  request. So we made the request and today, I got the call that my shipment has finally arrived. With lots of excitement and eagerness, I brought this not-so-little but awesome piece of hardware to me. I already knew about it and that’s why I know that its a real good purchase( if can’t be called be the only best we have) and having a feeling that you are the proud owner, increases the charm to the sky! I simply love and adore the sleek design and plus its cool features, for example like, voice noise reduction and couple of other things! Here is how it looks,

voyagerpro voyagerpro_D


Yes yes I know that the pics are taken from the site only but so what? At least they are doing a fine job to show this awesome piece of hardware! I stopped at another showroom and there too the manager asked me that from where I got it with a comment that its just awesome! What did I say? If I shall like something and get it, its going to be awesome, be it anything! So this was the purchase that I wanted to do from a long time and finally did today! It wasn’t for fun so the happiness is there for too that I didn’t waste money. Overall, a complete satisfied and proud customer feeling has come today! After that I should had simply returned but what to do about eyes and heart, who normally says,why not to check, a very tricky question which has no answer! And this leads to the next part, keep on reading if you haven’t yet got bored!

After the first shopping for the day,  I checked in the showroom of Reebok as I was told that they have got some good t-shirts and new designs of shoes has come there. Well, I am not a big time Reebok fan but that doesn’t mean that I hate them completely as well. So I thought that I shall give a try to the shirt from them. There were many many t-shirts that were there but none of them was really appealing. Finally, the sales guy did shown some around 5 designs out of which I picked a white t-shirt! Needless to mention that it has got the best design over the chest and that’s actually “nothing” except for a small sized written Reebok! After this, I wanted to check socks for me and especially socks to wear with sports shoes! The sales guy did show me a packet which did contain 4 pairs of socks and was really good! So I got that one too! Both t-shirt and socks were having discount over them so I got discount over them too! And it did feel a little good that even though that I bought some stuff for just me and its not a bad one! In fact the bluetooth headset is capable to make people stop and atleast demand a touch of it! As I mentioned somewhere above that even the manager of the second showroom got little emotional at seeing the bluetooth handset and asked us to let him hold it in his very hands. He also mentioned that it looks like its not available in any shop(s) and we just mentioned Yes for it! It was a good feeling to know that what you have bought is really a good piece! Sigh of relief!!

So these were the 3 shoppings that I did today. I must accept, it feels great but the issue is, what to do about my nature’/habit which says, “no shopping” ! Anyways, I have spent the money today so no worries now( no use either) . Now, I am really really sleepy and have no idea what I am writing and where! So I just would be going to bed and if anyone of you have used this bluetooth headet, do share your experiences and also, inside tricks and tips as well! Its time for me to crash! Nites!!



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