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A Day’s Off…. March 27, 2010

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I have come back last night from Hyderabad after finishing another session. I am having back to back sessions going on so this was just in continuation of the stream. I had to go to Hyderabad straight from my trip to Sri Lanka and now, tomorrow I shall be leaving for another (and rather longer) tour which is happening at Mumbai. Every sessions leaves me some memories and this was no different in this regard. I am always fortunate that I get really great delegates all the time, discussing with them the nitty-gritty details of oracle db was a really memorable experience. There were so many fine points that we discussed to great lengths and I hope, those discussions did help the delegates to understand some of the toughest concepts in oracle db in a better manner. Besides talking about oracle db’s technical stuff,I also did share the benefits of being more social and sharing your knowledge about oracle with others with the delegates. Honoring my words, one of the delegates, who herself is a very senior professional took a step forward and setup her oracle blog.  I believe that’s the best compliment I can get that someone did follow my words and actually went ahead to do something in real! Besides this, almost all the delegates gave very kind comments to me including wording like “this was the best training that I have received in some recent years” ! Thanks a bunch guys for such kind words though I am really not worthy of such kind words! Thanks so much! I had  a real great time and hope I shall see you all again soon!

I am having a day’s off. Tomorrow I would start for the Bombay’s program. This would be a long and rather a very tough program. But that’s from Monday and its after 2 days so I shall be doing some rest today and that does include some outing with buddies, S, A and P.  I need to do some shopping as well so I believe, today should be a fun day! Let’s see how it turns up 🙂 ?



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