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Wishing You All A Very Happy Holi From Home…. February 28, 2010

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Yep, Its Holi today and I wish you all, whether you would play it or not, a very happy and colorful Holi! Have lots of fun, play with lots of color ( but be safe as well) and have a good time with your family and friends! Wish you all a very happy holi! And what’s more better can be that I am at my home on this day! Yes, I got back home yesterday evening after a long but rather comfortable travel. Why comfortable you may ask so the answer is that the travel of flight is never tiring for me. I can do it on daily basis too if  I have to. Its the travel that I do over bus from New Delhi to my hometown, that’s most tiring travel! But fortunately , this time when I got at the bus stand, I saw that there is an air-conditioned bus from Punjab Bus service standing there. I normally don’t take it because its charges are more than double from the normal bus but this time I though to give it a try and I am just glad that I took that decision. It proved to be worth of its price in both comfort and time taken by it for the entire journey. The bus took actually a little less time than the normal bus to reach . Other than that, the place where bus did stop to let the passengers have snacks and get refreshed was also very nice. Over all, it was a very good travel!

Its Sunday today and also its Holi. I do like to play Holi a lot but there is no one here at the moment with me with whom I can play it. So I shall bring some color to play it with my family in a “simple” manner :-). Also, would go and have a hair cut 🙂 . If you are not going to play Holi than have a happy weekend and hope you get it spend in the best manner 🙂 .



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