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Back…. December 19, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I got back just now. Though it was a tiring week still, the outcome came out very  nice! The delegates were very happy and spoke so many kind words about me that I don’t even think I am even worthy even! Here is one comment that I recieved from one delegate which he posted on my oracle blog. I am posting the exact wording here as I believe, this is among the nicest sayings that I have heard,"

I can’t resist myself without saying that it was a very enriching experience for me,during these last Five days of our Training session on Oracle 11g New features.

Thanks once again Praaji! U r just awesome..!!

All I can say is thanks so much to all of you. I know nothing but despite that, it was very kind of all of you to say such nice words for me! I just can say thanks but believe me, I mean it when I am saying it!

I need some break but there is none at the moment. I need to travel again tomorrow for another program. Hopefully, this should be the last program of this year. There are some things which I came to know in this program of mine while talking to another fellow instructor, things which did prove that in this world, there are just selfish and self centered people and all alike this are bound to take a vow to hurt me. I don’t know why on the earth people try to act smart even when they know that I am not a fool. Its just my nature that I don’t bother at most of the times but I am not blind to see what is happening. I shall talk about it in a while. There are some pending tasks which I need to finish today itself before I leave. I shall just have another cup of tea and start all of them right away! If you want to join me for a cup of tea, you are most welcome 🙂 .



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