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Short Lived Happiness…. December 3, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Well, I have just got back home and yes, I am happy, in fact  I was very very happy when I was starting the travel today for home thinking that I shall be having a break(finally) for some time to get some rest. But just like always, if I want some thing, that is bound for not to happen in any case. And just the same did happen within just one hour of me coming back when I got a call that I am “requested very desperately” for a program and just me and only me has to handle that program. So I have to leave now on this Sunday AGAIN! Am I upset, yes I am just SO MUCH UPSET! Some one asked me a question few days back in a session that won’t it be better if I shall be at one place now as its been so many years of me living in a suitcase? I didn’t give the answer at that time. Okay I did give but I guess, probably I need to modify it a bit now with this yes that I am thinking to feel the same and I believe on one thing very strongly, if you need to think about what you are going to do or what you are doing and a question comes in your mind that when would be right time to leave that thing, probably that right time has just come when this thought came in your mind! So with that principle, I believe time for me to leave this is near, if not very near!
My doctor is waiting for me at his place for my throat checkup. Let’s see what news he has to give to me. Got already an upsetting one and certainly not in a mood to hear anymore. Hope he won’t say too! Some times, I just….never mind!



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