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An Amazing Poetry By Ahmed Faraz…. September 26, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Some times, even when you give all your love to someone, give her all the love, care, affection that is possible, yet she picks up her career than you. Even though you cry in front of her because of all what she did, she still doesn’t care a bit even about it and without any shame tells you that she has nothing to do with you, your tears don’t mean anything, it hurts! It hurts way much more than words can describe or voice can narrate! Yet some times, you come across such incidents, poetries which just depict that pain flawlessly. I came across one such poetic marvel yesterday writen by Ahmed Faraz. If you ever got hurt by your own love even when you loved her more than anything else in this world, you would love the following lines. Have a read,
Jab Kabhi chahe andheron me ujale usne,
Kar diya ghar mera sholon ke hawale usne!
Us pe khul jati mere shaunq ki shiddat sari,
Dekhe hote jo mere paon ke chaale usne!
Jis ka har aieb zamane se chupaya maine,
Mere kisse Sar-E-Bazar uchale usne!
Jab usey meri mohabbat par bharosa hi na tha,
Kyon diye meri wafaon ke hawale usne!
Ek mera hath hi na thama us ne ” Faraz “
Warna girtey to kitne hi sanbhale usne!
And here is the translation of it in English,
Whenever she wanted light for her,
 She just  lit my home on fire!
She would had understood the intensity of my love,
If she would had seen the wounds over my feet!
Whose every sin, every wrong thing, I did hide from this world,
She only went and spoke bad about me to the entire world!
When she never had faith over my love,
Why did she gave references of it to all?
It is just me whose hand she didn’t hold,
Otherwise she did give shoulder to many others!
I don’t think that there is anything that I can write to add something to it. As I said, some pains are not capable to be told in words, some wounds are not visible from outside and some tears don’t come out from eyes. Only those who have felt those pains, who have been hurt by their loved ones, only they can feel that what happens when none other than that person whom you loved so much hurts you and still feels no regret for doing so but claims that he is right! It seems people forget that in love, its not “I” but “us” and its not “my happiness” but “ours”!


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