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YATP…. September 17, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Well, I guess you must be tired of reading the same title , “yes I am back” or “back” so thought to give another  one but couldn’t think of anything other than the old ones 😦 . So the title again became, Y(et)A(another)T(ravel)P(ost). Its different right 🙂 . Anyways, I just got back today from a 16 day long tour. I can’t say that I really had a very good time except for the last 3 days where I had some smiles and a good time as I was on the “other side” of the table where I was listening to someone else. Yes, I did attend a training myself this time. No, not for a change. I really needed to have this training and I tried a lot for it in the past but some how, it was not happening. So now , when I came to know that its happening and a good friend and highly techie guy is taking it up, I just jumped for it. It was a good session and I had some really good laughs in addition to meet up with very nice folks in the session. All the other guys who were there with me in the session were really good and intelligent. Over all, we had some really good technical discussions with some good smiles in between.
Now, I am at home for a small time as I shall be leaving again very soon( yeah yeah I know you have heard the same before as well). I need to go for a hair cut tomorrow as I wont get time for it if I would be leaving next week. But hair cut would be tomorrow. At the moment, its time for sleep as I haven’t slept since last 3 days , not for a minute even. Why? Well, just having some tensions over the mind. Just hope that all remains well! Anyways , time to say good night as eyes are getting closed. I yet have to check my mails and all and that would be a nightmare as I know , the number would be in thousands , if not, couple of hundreds for sure :-S ! Let’s see what happens!


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