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A “Forced” Shopping…. September 6, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

What it can be right? Well it is when you don’t really want to or have planned to go for shopping but still you have to get up and go because of conditions which were not in your hands! I did make the whole thing sound very serious right 😉 ! Well, here is what happened. I haven’t gone for shopping for myself since quite a time and when I say “quite a time” , it ranges back to past couple of years actually. I have mentioned already at couple of posts that there is a reason for it which I am not sure when and how I shall disclose. I do go for shopping still but that’s not for me but for my sister. So I had no plan to go for shopping this time too if a stupid event hadn’t happened.

I have a white shirt which is there with me from “quite a time”. A very nice, Van Heusen shirt which I really liked to wear all this while but I guess my liking went a little too far and I didn’t retire the shirt from its services at a suitable time 🙂 . So 2 days back, when I gave it for washing, my room service guy returned it to me completely torn up from right shoulder. He said sorry and mentioned that it happened while washing it. I knew what he said could be very possible as when the clothe becomes old, it becomes weaker and for this reason, with washing strokes, it may have got messed up. All the guys over here in this guest house know me very well and ( I guess) respect and to some extent like me a lot too. So he said I guess with that same friendliness that sir, I have been working here since last 3 years and have been watching you in this shirt, its my request that you get a new one as this is now not wearable anymore. Okay , now this was it! The shirt was already damaged beyond limits and I am short of shirts for the upcoming session( always carry the same number of them as the number of days of session) so I had to go and pick one today in any case. If it would be just like any other day, I wouldn’t have bothered to be honest but I guess, I didn’t have any options today. So I went  to the near by Pentaloon store and bought a white shirt. I hope its okay but even if its not, I now have a new shirt 🙂 . My shopping spree didn’t stop here only. I bought a top for my sister as well. At the payment counter, the guy asked me that whether I want to have the membership card issued to me? Now he said all of this world’s good things about it but I just got it for one reason that it would get me some discounts after a purchase of 6000/-RS. So it won’t be a bad bargain in 100/-RS so I got it. I was done here but I had still one more thing to look for, again some thing which I never bought so far!

My friend  told me few days back that he bought a usb drive of 8gig. Now, I don’t know why but I never bought one. I have a hard drive( usb of course) which is of 100gig and serves me well. But I have to get a software which is going to be of 4 gig and with that couple of other softwares which would certainly go for 2/3 gig more in size, I thought to get one too because using a dvd drive won’t be an option at the moment for me for the place where I am working. So I bought one usb drive too this time. There was an Apple corner too and a guy standing over there said hi to me, only to make me stand there and eat his head for a good 30 minute time 🙂 . I asked him all of this world’s questions about Apple, Windows and almost what ever I could think of. With a thanks and an assurance that I would get back soon to buy some product from him, I finally left.

My mom asked me over the phone to get a lot more than I have bought today but I still have got just one shirt (and a usb drive which means nothing for normal people) so I am sure, I would be requiring to explain a lot when I shall get back. Let’s see when the next round of shopping happens and hope that time, it won’t come along with the “forced” tag 🙂 !


1. AS - September 7, 2009


Cool…thanks to the room service guy 😉

2. Aman.... - October 13, 2009

Much thanks 😉

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