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A Truly Great Movie, Hero…. September 4, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Its just very very rare that you watch a movie and it leaves with you some thoughts , making you think about it again and again, making you watch it repeatedly still feel like its just the first time. Also to make you write a blog post about it at 2.20am in the night, not all can do that! There are just very few which have touched me so deep. I have seen few Chinese movies so far and I am just spell bound with them. I watched both parts of Red Cliff  some time back and I referred to it all I knew whom like to watch good movies.
Today I couldn’t sleep thinking about some tensions and just switched over television. Over a movie channel, Hero starring Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu Wai was coming. Now, I had seen the end of this movie couple of times before as well and to be honest, I neither did understand it nor I liked it. But this time fortunately, it was coming since from the beginning. Though I still couldn’t see from the actual beginning and got hold of it some where from ahead only but I still didn’t miss too much ( I guess)  and this time, I was able to understand the movie and enjoyed its greatness! Its an excellent movie, something which has so many emotions involved in it. Jet Li’s acting has been really good. I am not much aware about the other actors but they were all equally good too. Its just sad to see that Jet Li does most of those stupid fictional roles now which makes no sense at all. Looking at his martial arts and acting talent, its just a shame that he too have become too much commercialized now. Hero is surely one of the best movies of him which I have seen so far.
I won’t mention too much about the story as it would be better to actually watch the movie and see it. Just to give an idea that its based on the history of the Qin kingdom and its king which eventually became the first ever king of Qin Dynasty of the unified China. He also made up the Great Wall of China which is one of the great wonders of this earth. The movie revolves about the emotions of 4 people who desperately wanted to kill the king. They were so determined that they didn’t even bother to give away their entire lives for this sole purpose. Jet Li plays an assassin who vowed to kill king but despite working so hard for his entire life for this, in the end abandons the wish looking at the king’s good intentions. It is just remarkable how the entire story takes so many twists and turns, giving you one impression and than changes it completely. The story , in my opinion, has been expressed really well in the movie. There is not much martial arts moves in the movie. Though there are some but they are used to complete a scene. There is no scene which has a dedicated martial arts fight sequence and if you ask me, it has been done just right as other wise, the whole taste would have got ruined. Its not like any other martial arts movie in which the goal is to highlight typical moves of martial arts but its a movie which has a great story to tell. All the characters in the movie are presented as real masters of martial arts and have used it really nicely wherever required. Even if you have no interest in martial arts, you would still love the fight scenes. Yes, some sequences are not real and there must have been a use of wires or some other helping stuff in them but it won’t( shouldn’t ) bother you much. The music has also come up very nice and goes really well with the scenes. There is a fight sequence where on a traditional instrument , an old man constantly keeps on playing while a fight is going on, making the whole scene come up just awesome!
There is also a romantic angel too in the movie between two characters, Broken Sword and Flying Snow. I really liked the character of Broken Sword , a true master of martial arts, a very good artist and a loyal and true lover. In the end, there is a scene which just shows that woman never believes over a man that he truly and madly loves her and when she finally realizes, its too late already. There is a sequence in which the lady Flying Snow asks Broken Sword that why he didn’t let the king die? She says to him that does he not care about his people? To answer it, Broken Sword says that he does care and also he does care about her so much! To which, she answers that she doesn’t believe and to make her believe , he has to do a sword fight with her. The look over the Broken Sword’s face truly shows the pain that he felt hearing those words. He does a fight but at a straight attack of sword from Flying Snow, he just throws away his sword letting it penetrate his heart and kill him, all just to prove that he really did care about her more than anything else! After seeing him dead, Flying Snow starts crying saying that why he didn’t defend him? She eventually kills herself too but what for? She took the life of that person from her own hands only just for a stupid thing that she wanted him to prove his love! That’s what happens all the time! Its just so easy to say to some one to cross oceans , mountains to prove his love and yet , people don’t respect and care person’s love , care , affection and devotion and feel no remorse in saying that they have nothing to do with him at all anymore. For them, their wishes, career, study in abroad matters much more even than the tears of the other person for which they go ahead and say that they don’t matter for them! I just fail to understand how one can do that, I really do! In the movie as well, Snow killed Broken Sword, thanks to her stupid anger and failure to understand both the love and emotions of him. Not sure why people don’t understand that its not everyday someone loves you more than anyone, anything else of this world and its not good to give tears to those eyes only who wherever look, try to find the image of that beloved only! Not sure how people become so heartless that they don’t really bother breaking that very heart into pieces or penetrate a sword in it who has nothing but so much love for none else but for them only! Just got no idea how and why?
I shall conclude by saying this only that if you haven’t yet watched this movie, you must watch it at least for one time for sure! I am really positive that you won’t regret 🙂 .


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