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Back Home…. August 27, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I got back home today morning. I am not sure but this time, I really was a bit desperate to come back home. Not sure why though? Anyways, so I am back home and the session is over. About the program, well, I can just say at the moment that its finished, how it went really, I am not sure? I am waiting for the official score to come which would take some time. As like in all of my programs, I try always my best to deliver and there was no difference this time as well. But still, there are times when the delegates are from a different stream and the content talks about an entirely different area of expertise and this, never is a good combination. The same happened this time as well. Though the guys , in the end , were smiling and did ask for my contact information, which is always a good sign if you ask me, but I am still eager to hear what they said about the program and surely about me as well. Let’s see what comes up, hope it would be okay 🙂 .
I am just so much tired. Though I am learning how to take a nap in the flights( believe me, it took me 4 years to learn it and I am still in the first phase of learning only) , I couldn’t sleep at all, not sure why. And there is no point of getting a sleep in the bus. So I am really sleepy at the moment. There are some tasks which I have to finish before I leave for the next program( which is coming very soon) so I need to get my self sorted out. So its time to catch a nap now, see you all after a sleep, if I would be lucky enough to get it 😉 .



1. Sujatha - August 28, 2009

Hey Aman,

I stumbled upon your blog and happened to read the poetry. Thanks to the translation I can get the gist of the emotions and pathos behind the lines. I am an avid fan of any good poetry especially dealing with people’s emotions.

I believe u are going thru’ some kind of a let down, hope things get better soon. Hope you recover from your trip as well. Keep posting poetry. Thanks.


2. Aman Sharma - August 28, 2009


Thanks a bunch for stopping by here and I am just glad to hear that you liked the poetries. Yes I do collect almost anyone which is really good(am really choosy in picking them up) and depict human emotions, especially pain as that’s the most common and true emotion we all carry with us. I have written(tried to do) some of my own as well. Do read and let me know how they are.

Hmm, I am undergoing some kind of let down, well not sure what to say. May be these lines can explain some thing,
Har paon raund kar nikle mujhe, Na jaane kaun si manzil ka raasta hun main! 🙂

Thanks for the wishes and I hope you would keep coming back over here.


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