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Being Poetic Once Again…. August 15, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
Well, its just the title, I am not at all a poet. Yes , at times, just out of the blue moon, some thing gets written but that’s really is not poetic in my opinion. It just happened today again that I wrote the following two lines thinking about some one and some things. After hearing some kind words from my friend S, I thought to put it over here as well. I know surely well that its not really that great but still, if you do like it, I would love to hear that( and even if you won’t too, just being fair 🙂 )
Here comes first in Hindi,
Kuch haseen palon ki darkaar mein, kar to liya sauda-e-ishq,
Kise pata tha dard-e-dil tamam umar goya keemat bhi hai!
And here is its meaning in English,
Just in the wish of few good moments, I did fall in love,
Who could guess, it would give nothing but cries for the rest of the life!
As I said, I am not at all a poet, so excuse me if it didn’t make ant sense for you. Very few know the why/what of the above written and its true meaning though. Hope its not too bad 🙂 .


1. AS - August 15, 2009

Good one man !

Aman Sharma - August 15, 2009



2. Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal - August 16, 2009

Aman Ji:

You really crafted something worth reading. You certainly have a poetic sense and you did a great job tronsforming your emotions into poetry.

Aap ki khidmat mein pesh kar raha hooN apna ik sher:

Dard-e-dil ka, dil mein saboot nahiN milta koee magar
AankhoN mein AasooN ki nami hi us ka nishaan hoti hai

I am going to add this link in this message, when ever you have time and energy, please check this out.


Agony and Ecstasy of Love;

Thanks and all the best…Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal

Aman Sharma - August 16, 2009

Darshan Ji,

Thanks so much for the kind words! I just wrote sitting and thinking abot some events and a person related to those events. I am really not a poet, yes love to read/collect good poetry.

Dard-e-dil ka, dil mein saboot nahiN milta koee magar
AankhoN mein AasooN ki nami hi us ka nishaan hoti hai
Excellent! For the same, “tears”, I wrote 2 lines too long time back. Please have a read,

Jo aakhiri tohfa de gaye wo jate jate,
Boond boond mein lut raha hai wo bhi ab har pal!

Thanks a lot for the link. I have read it now .


Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal - August 18, 2009

Hello Aman Ji:

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my sher.

In regards to your sher, you have captured the essence of your deepest emotions and created a wonderful sher. You have brought out the full spectrum of your true feelings. Just as poetry needs emotions, you have evoked the emotions associated with love with your words. I think, a lot of people can relate to it. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful sher.

Apna ik Punjabi da ‘sher’ tuhaadi nazar kar riha haaN, umeed hai ke tuhaanooN pasand aaeyga.

Nigha meri nooN apne ishq di kooee razaa de.
Kare jo rakas tere vaaste, aisee adaa de

Today, I would like to share my English poem “Become Silent”. I hope you like it.

There is nothing
more powerful than love.
Even though, it burns the heart
with its tormenting pain.
Those who ascend from this pain
become true lovers,
even their shadows become sacred.
So do not hide your presence
behind the veil of your fear.
Break the chains that hold you back.
Do not be afraid; be adventurous
in the mystical world of whirling.
Offer your heart to the beloved of ecstasy.
See the moving world through his eyes
that dances to the rhythm of his love.
Intoxicate yourself
with the wine of his essence.
Let your heart dissolve
in the spirit of his presence.
You will become silent
in the sacred beauty of his love.

All the very best to you.

Sukhdarshan Dhaliwal

Aman Sharma - August 20, 2009

Darshan Ji,

In just one word, “awesome”! I have nothing else to say , its really great!


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