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Coincidence Or…. July 8, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I need to take a decision tomorrow. Its one of the things which I wanted to happen from a very long time and which is very important for my professional life. Now, I have been asked to come and get it and the irony is that I am thrown by circumstances at that point, where I have to see an other side of picture too. This does mean that there are almost certain chances that I have to let go this thing, at least for some time. I don’t know what to do, as much as I want whatever it is , for me, as much as that other end and its thoughts are stopping me for not going towards it and just let it pass with the hope that there would be many more future opportunities to get it. I talked to my family which obviously  said to go ahead but I know, doing so would just bring so many issues on top of the already present ones. Not sure what to do, really don’t!
Just like above, I wanted to get one another thing for me. I saw it with my friend over here while having lunch the other day. I had mentioned to him so many times that I want it so much and tell me some shop from where I can get to which , he even promised to take me to that place. But I won’t be going for it. I know if I go and get  it, there won’t be any issues from anyone, heck my mom would be the happiest person to be! But I won’t be going to get it. May be some other time, its not that important too as like the other thing which I mentioned above. Kind of funny , but still not-so-pleasant coincidence to see a similar sort of thing happening twice in a row.
Am feeling so alone at the moment. I really wish I could ask someone, could tell someone what I am feeling at the moment but whom I want to tell, those seem to be already very busy. So even this is not a cup of tea for me at the moment. Should I just add it as the third coincidence or should say that wishes are not just for everyone, not sure really if you would ask me?



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