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Picture Worth Of Thousand Words…. July 2, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I just got this in my mail and I loved it so thought to share it with you all here! Like they say, a picture is worth of thousand words!


My friend Amandeep wrote these lines sitting in my home some time back. I guess, they are just so true. Entire credit for this writing is to him. I am just putting them up here. These are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English in a while, have a read,

Maut pichon chitaa tey sowaangey goorri neend,
Saah jindgi ney taan saukha koi lainn nahi denna!

Sab shikway tey shikayataan kar lainniyaa dafan,
Gilla dostaan da udhaar koi rehann nahi denna!

Ik maut di chup lammi tey ik kabar di tanhai,
Lafz jindgi dey bolaan nu koi kehann nahi denna!

Jindgi mehmaan saadi maut mejbaan hai,
Chaa mejbaan da adhoora koi rehann nahi denna!

Ki karogey merey pichon?

Do gharriyaa bas ro k bhull jaogey,
Jad nishaan meri yaad da v mai koi rehann nahi denna!

And here is the translation of it in English,

After my death, I shall sleep with peace over my grave,
As in this life, having a sigh of relief is impossible!

All the complaints and pains , I would throw away,
I won’t let any friend complain too!

The deep silence of death and loneliness of the grave,
Both won’t let life speak a single word even!

What you all would do,
Just would cry for a moment and would stop,
When I won’t let even a trace of my memory too left after my death!

I shall not say much but just this that at times, people because of their selfishness, looking for just their own benefits hurt those who love and care for them the most without thinking about the pain that they are giving! It may not effect them but it may take away everything from that person who undergoes this pain. People give priority to what suits them the most, their career, study in abroad, leaving aside useless things( as what they call it) alike emotions thinking it nothing but an obstacle in the path of their goals, not knowing that it may happen that one may get all the world’s wealth in his life, may reach the pinnacle of his career, yet he can’t get a person by all this who would love him truly from his heart! But it seems , for some ,this doesn’t seem to be a huge price to pay to get what they truly want for themselves, may be that’s what “modern world” and its people truly are!



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