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Make Way People, AristaDBA Is Here…. December 14, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Alright, so the time has come to reveal some secrets. I wanted to have my own website from a LONG time. I have made some already which you can see in the links over the right hand side. Though they are all very close to my heart and I made them all with great passion and put lots of efforts in making all of them, there was still one small hitch and that was that these all were free domains. Yup, there is no issue in this but you know, when some thing comes as free, people (I mean this world) don’t give it much of the importance. So despite that I have some sites of my own, there was still an unfulfilled dream and that was to have a fully owned website of mine!
Those who know me well,they are aware about the fact that when I decide some thing,its actually very rare that I would change my decisions. So keeping that tradition alive, I did buy a domain name. I spent whole 3 days to search for the name. And than I decided to use Arista as one. Arista is a Greek word which means, the best! Well, I had to mix this name with something related to what I do, needless to say, I added DBA to it and Voila, we get the AristaDBA. The best dba,sounds perfect isn’t it? To be honest, I am not the best, but yes this name does push me to be one some day so I liked it and decided to use this as the name of my site!
Next (and the toughest) part was to design an actual website around this name now. And this proved to be more tough than I imagined. I am an Oracle professional, not a web developer. Okay , I did a course long time back in web technologies but still, our main focus was Java and Oracle in that. We or I should say, I didn’t choose that course to be a web developer, neither I did become one after doing that. So here I was, trying to figure out ways to make up some pages to put over my website. The simplest looking part proved to be the toughest one. Though I did design the page content(it wasn’t tough as I had it over my other sites) but I was not able to give them a proper face, a proper outlook. I tried to learn Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). It wasn’t tough to learn( it never is) but it was really hard to put it to work! I tried couple of designs and finally made up a working version of my site using CSS. It was out over for some time but it didn’t appeal to me even, let alone the idea of someone else. As like always, that doesn’t stay which I don’t like. CSS had to leave but before that, I needed some thing else to make up my site.
Enter Joomla!
Joomla is a content management system. Though its not so easy too but its still FAR easier than mucking around with hundreds of line of CSS and HTML code. After learning a few tips and tricks of it, I was able to make up a final version of my website and finally, AristaDBA.com got a life. I had to choose couple of add-ons for the site as well. Good news was that using Joomla!, its easy to add some extensions to your site. Using some of those, some from Google, final cut of the site got ready. So today, I am proud to introduce to all of you, AristaDBA.com, personal , fully owned website of mine!
There isn’t much content over the site at the moment. But I shall be adding more stuff over the period of time. There are some plugins from Google to put your comments,to join my site as a friend. I have tried to use Google Analytics also this time. I am not sure how good/bad it is but for the time being, I am using it and I am not disappointed from it :-). There is one more important bit over the site and that is , Creative Commons license which makes the legal stipulation for anyone to not to copy any line from my site or any related link from it over the web without my permission and proper attribution to me else, he/she will be calling legal issues for himself! That was in my mind from day one when this whole idea came to my mind.
On the whole, I am happy with what has come out so far! This was a long time cherished dream and I am happy to see it becoming a reality. So far , those few who saw it being made, they gave good remarks about it. I am hopeful to hear more from all who would visit it later some time in future. Needless to say that both good/bad comments would help me in improving it. Well that all will take time I guess, but at this moment, it looks okay to me,if not perfect! Atleast, I have a website to call of my own, that alone is a good thing :-)! I hope that you would visit it and would like it as well. Do let me know your comments about it, both good, bad either over here or at contact me page of the site. As always, I am all ears for the comments/suggestions of yours.



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