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YASS(Yet Another Soulful Song)…. November 30, 2008

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I have been listening songs and in that, sad songs from a long time. Though its always tough to bring that pain in both lyrics and music which one has himself not felt, still there are some songs which do justice to those emotions. I have mentioned few of those kind of songs in the past over here.  Despite that there are so many songs out there, there are very few, I shall even say, countable over finger tips which are truly magical and have a capability to simply hook you with them. Its very rare that the voice of the singer truly do a justice with that pain which only that person can understand who has his heart wounded.
I found this song just 3 days back.Infact, I didn’t even find it.  I just stumbled over it and since that time,I believe I must have heard it over hundred times. After so long, I have heard just a song and nothing else. Now a days, even sad songs are prepared by adding disco beats in them so that people can enjoy them while driving.  But those who do this, they always forget, when one has a wounded heart, doesn’t matter how one tries, nothing seems to be fine, nothing seems to good. I don’t know the singer of this song.  His name is “Sonu Jallandhar Wala” but neither did I hear him before nor I heard about him in any of the music channels. May be this album(if it really is) is not released  yet or may be it did but people didn’t like it much, I don’t know about all that.  All I know is that a miraculous voice sung a very painful and sad song which I really liked. There isn’t any official video also for this song but whatever is there, that also goes with the lyrics.  Some quotes mentioned in the video are really heart touching themselves. As usual, this one is also in Punjabi and I shall put its lyrics in English as well. Hear it here,

I am posting another link for the same for the reason that at times, these unofficial videos disappear. So in that case,the song must not lost. Here is alternate link for it.
Here are the lyrics of the song in Punjabi.I shall translate them in English in a while.
Bolna te chhadeya c, disno v reh gi aen,
Da adiye kehde ambran te beh hi aen!
Ho gaya kasur sathon ki in chandriye!
Tere bina lagda na ji in chandriye!
Tere bina lagda na ji in chandriye!

Dil chandre nu smajha k asin thak gaye,
Akhan wale hanju asin pi pi k akk gaye!
Hor nayion hunde maithon pi in chandriye!
Tere bina lagda na ji in chandriye!
Tere bina….

Amabr de utte jiven tare kalle kalle ne,
Ohne mere dil te jakhm alle halle ne!
Hor naiyon hunde maithon is in chandriye!
Tere bina lagda na ji in chandriye! 
Tere bina….
Suraj de naal teri yaad aa behndi ae,
Chann de chhipan tak naal naal rehndi aa!
Puchhdi sawal sathon ki ki chandriye!
Tere bina lagda na ji in chandriye!
Tere bina….
And here are the meanings of it in English,
You stopped talking to me,Now you are not even seen!
Tell me what crime I have done?
I don’t like anything without you!
I don’t like anything without you!

I am tired of consoling this heart,
I am tired of sipping the taste of my own tears!
I can’t do it anymore!
I don’t like anything without you!
I don’t like….

Like the lonely stars in the sky,
In the same way, I have open wounds over my heart!
I can’t hide these anymore, I can’t heal them anymore!
I don’t like anything without you!
I don’t like….

With the rising sun, your memories come to me,
Uptil the moon doesn’t set , they stay with me!
They all ask me millions of questions!
I don’t like anything without you!
I don’t like….
Its tough,just so much tough to elaborate pain.If one is happy,there are millions of ways to express that happiness.  But when one is sad,despite the wish to express it in words,it never happens.”I am so much happy” is enough to express the happiness but “I am so much sad” can never reflect the deepness of that pain which lies underneath these words.  And when that pain is caused by, given by none other than that person whom you love the most, there is nothing in this eternity which can truly express it. People seem to believe that all the wounds get healed with the passage of time.  But they forget that the wounds may get healed but their signs never fade. Those memories are worst than the wounds even which make one get up in the nights and bring tears.
Love is not something which can be done just like that.  It takes a lot to be in it, it takes a lot to walk over that road which may lead you to your beloved. People, when fall in love, tend to think that everything would be good only in it. Yes love is indeed the best thing in this world but it takes away everything of yours.  Only those who are ready to pay that price, receive the gift of their beloved in the end.  Those who fail to do so,just make their beloved wait at the seashores waiting for their beloved ones to come who would never return.
People always talk about giving away their lives when they fall in love. Why to promise that thing which one never would be able to do so?And why to promise that which would give no benefit at all.Its easy, just easy to promise that I shall die for you but its not that easy to do so.And besides that, dying is not going to help your beloved ever. What is really tough to do is to stay with your beloved. Stand beside him/her when he/she needs you. When the bad times come, it is said that our own shadow also leaves us.That’s the time to stand aside with our beloved and take those pains with them.Its so easy to say that everything would be fine.  Unfortunately,it doesn’t just happen that easily.  And at that time,when there is nothing good happening,if one would stand beside his/her beloved,he/she would give him much more happiness than dying for him.  In love,there is one thing which must never be done and that is doing a back off.  If one didn’t have the guts to stand with his/her love than he/she must had never fallen in love either. At times, doing something is not as important as staying aside. But if at that time, one gets scared from the consequences, one gets afraid about his/her prestige than even if they would die, that means nothing.  It was just a selfish act which was done to save you from all those worries,troubles which now , your beloved has to bear alone.  If one really wants to do some thing for his love than he/she must never his/her hand in between of that sea of fire which they promised to swim across together. Nothing hurts more to see that those only have left you in midway who promised to stood beside you in every moment and time.How many tears one can shed,how much one can cry? There comes a time when one wants to cry but tears don’t come out from the eyes.One want to tell his pain but no words come out to support that. Pieces of that broken heart much more than anything else. One must slay some one in thousand pieces than breaking his/her heart.
Here are the lines which depict the pain of that lover who got his heart broken from his love only. They are in Punjabi.I shall explain their meaning in English in a while,
Kade kol aa gaye kade door ho gaye,
Ohna ikk waar na mud k takkeya sanu,
Par assi ohde layi bewaffa zaroor ho gaye!
Ki galti hoyi saathon assin eho bas puchhde rahe,
Oh kehnde assi majboor ho gaye!
Asin mangde rahe duavan usdi khushi diyaan,
Oh chhad sanu kisi hor diyan akhan de nooor ho gaye!
Oh sochde rahe khush haan asin,
Koi dasso ohna nu kiven assi tutt ke choor ho gaye,
Sanu te mili pyaar karan di ehh saza,
Te ohh maarr ke vi sanu,bekasooor mashoor ho gaye!
And here is its meaning in English,
At time she hugged me,at times she left me alone!
She never even turned back and looked at me for a moment!
But she did declare me a cheater in love!
All that I asked was that tell me what my fault is,
And she said I am helpless!
I always wished happiness for her,
And today after leaving me,she is the tinckle of someone else’s eyes.
She think that I am so much happy,
Please some one go and tell her that I am completely broken!
I got this punishment of falling in love,
And despite killing me like this, she is declared innocent!
I shall conclude by saying this only that if you think that you are in love,get your self ready to leave all what else you love.There can’t be so many wishes that can become true when one is in love. God gives love on the cost of all those other wishes.Only if you are ready to pay this price,only if you are ready to give up every smile of yours for the sake of someone else’s smiles, only when you are ready to lose everything and still feel contended than fall in love. Its not a game, its not fun.There is some one whose only wish is you,only support is you,entire strength is you. Don’t even in dreams hurt him/her by breaking his/her heart as there is no remedy for broken hearts anywhere in this world. Life becomes an endless punishment and death too enjoys the pain over the fate of those unlucky souls who were left by their love by not coming and releasing them from this punishment. Remember,not everything is calmed by time,words,by anyone else.Only that person knows how tough is to answer those eyes who never ask anything but still question.Only that person knows how tough is to smile when his heart cries with every breath.If you are not capable to take away pains of your love, not determined enough to stand beside him/her when he/she needs you,feel scared from the world, feel ashamed to disclose your love, think once again about what you are doing?If you are doing all this and still say that you are in love and can do anything in this world for your love, I suggest you better sit and think once again that are you really in love?



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