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Shiv Kumar Batalvi, A Legend…. September 23, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

There are so many writers in this world and there is just an ocean of literature. But despite the fact that all the writers are good and the entire literature of the world is nice, I still love Punjabi literature and its writers the most. You may call it whatever you want but this is what I really love and it has reasons. And out of all, the foremost reason is that no culture is as rich in its wealth as Punjabi culture and I have yet to read some thing which is as romantic or as painful or as joyful as Punjabi writer’s writing are. There is no disrespect to anyone else or any other language but this is what my choice is!
There are a lot of writers but few only have power to become immortals with their work. Only some chosen ones have a power to write fire with their words. Out of those few, Shiv Kumar Batalvi stands apart. It wont ever happen that anyone would be able to touch even the heights where he is with his writing. Its a pity that Shiv had to leave this world so early but in his very small life span, he has created that verdicts which are going to be remembered as long as a single soul even will be alive over this earth.
After a long time, I heard today 2 songs of Shiv today. There were two reasons of this. One, I didn’t hear them from so long and I really wanted to listen them because it doesn’t matter how many times one would listen them, they sound as fresh as ever all the time. Second reason was that my mood today was resembling those two songs today. Somehow I was having the same feelings inside me today which are mentioned in these songs. I thought to put them here. These songs are in Punjabi but I shall be putting their translation in English as well.
The first song is , Mae Ni Main Ik Shikra Yaar Banaya meaning that O my mother, I have made a hawk my beloved. It is said that Shiv used to love a gal and she left him and went to USA. There she did marry some one else. This thing broke Shiv completely. When he came to know that she has given birth to her first child, he wrote this legend. These are the feelings of a lover who is telling what he has done for his love but what he has got in the end. A marvellous song! Listen it here,

And here are the lyrics of it in Punjabi,
Mae in mae, main ik shikra yaar banaya,
Ohde sir te kalgi te ohdi pairin jhanjhar!
Oh chog chuginda aaya!
Ik ohde roop di dhupp tikheri,
Oh duja mehkan da tirhaya!
Teeja ohda rang gulabi,
Oh kise gori maan da jaya!
Ishqe da ik palang nuari,
Ve asin chananian vich daheya!
Tan di chadar ho gayi maili,
Os pair jad palanghe paya!
Dukh mere naina de koye,
Te vich had hanjhuan da aaya!
Saari raat gayi vich sochan,
Us ne ki julm kamaya!
Subah savere lai li vattna,
Ve asaan mal mal os nuvaya!
Dehi de vichon niklan chingan,
Ve saada hathh gaya kumlaya!
Choori kuttan te oh khanda nahin,
Ve asin dil da maas khuaya!
Ik udaari aisi maari,
Oh mud watni na aya oh mae in!
Main ik shikra yaar banaya…. 
And here is the meaning in English,
O my mother, I made a hawk my beloved,
A plume on his feet,
Bells on his feet!
He came pecking for grain!
His beauty was as sharp as sunlight,
And he was thirsty for fragnances!
Third, his color was like a red rose,
He must be son of a very fair mother!
A bed of love,
I laid for him under moonlight!
Sheet of this body was strained,
That very instant when he laid his feet over it!
Corner of my eyes hurt,
A flood of tears engulfed me!
All night long I tried to fathom,
How he could do this to me?
In early morning,
With beauty mix, I scrubbed and bathed his body!
There were flames coming out from the body,
My hand were burnt!
I crush food for him,
But he never ate!
So I fed him with flesh of my heart!
He took such a flight,
That he never returned back!
O my mother, I made a hawk my beloved….
I am sure you must have understood that here hawk is the gal who loved and left her beloved(Shiv himself). I really don’t think that I am worthy enough to add anything more to this. The pain , the feeling of seperation which Shiv has narrated here is saying it all. Anything added to it would be like showing torch to sun. So I am stopping here. Listen it and do let me know how did you find it?



1. AS - September 23, 2008

True !

Shiv was a legend ! what he has written is just awesome….

2. Aman Sharma - September 24, 2008

Yes its really true. Shiv was indeed a gem , a very precious one in the crown of Punjabi literature. I have read/heard this song since my childhood but it never seems to get old and I am sure it wont ever be too.

3. mansi - September 24, 2008

beautiful song…this song touched my heart…
thanks aman…

4. Aman Sharma - September 24, 2008

Glad that you liked it.

5. anki - September 29, 2008

hey hi,

Thanks for posting so so beautiful lines. Wish i cud read more of Batalvi poems. they are so much touching. Hats off to him.

6. Aman Sharma - September 29, 2008

Yup, Shiv was a legend whose work is uncomparable.
I shall put work of him over him. Just watch this space ;-).

7. Lali - November 29, 2008

Why do the great always die young & the nasty live forever… NOT a rehtorical question but explains why those with pain & emotions are finally engulfed with sadness and struck with grief when it ultimatley comes to seperating with your love… Shiv, you will remain alive in all those whose hearts you have touched ….

8. Aman.... - November 30, 2008

All I can say is that God too needs good people with him that’s why all great die so young. But whatever one says, Shiv’s death is an immense to Punjabi culture and no one would be able to take his place.

9. Adi - May 15, 2009

Hi aman,
very nice song and one of my all time favz.
hey need to ask some thing to you if u have any info or sources,is it true shiv write this poem for his real beloved?
reason why i am asking this coz i heard him in an interview in which he said he dnt have any love story etc…
i wud like to hear if u have any info please.

again great poet and legend.

10. Aman Sharma - May 15, 2009

Hi Adi,

Yes its true that this poetic piece was written by Shiv in the memory of his beloved. He never confessed this in any public interview but its true that he got his heart broken which eventually turned out to be one of the major reasons for his writings.

Thanks for stopping by here and for the comment!


11. imran pakistan - March 11, 2010

nustra voice and shiv poetry…….
i have no words……………

12. imran pakistan - March 11, 2010

sory no nustra it Nustrat fateh ali a great legend

13. SINGH - July 25, 2010

mere sare payre doston ko salaam or sat shri akaal. bahut khushi ho rahi hai aap sab ko ek sath aaise ache se comment karte dekh kar. shiv ho yan nusrat mukesh ho yan atta ullah khan, md rafi, kishore jagjit singh ho yan gulam ali. sab upper wale ke banaye hue woh heere hai jo sab ko ek jaisa hi ehsaas dete hain… khushi ka gham ka payr ka mohobat ka………….sirf ek bat hi kahunga ki na hindu dekho na muslman dekho dekhna hai toh bas insaaaaan dekho… ek baat or ki aap logon se guzarish hai ki yahan pe comment plz hindi urdu yan punjabi mainhi de. mujhe bhi english aati hai lekin woh srif meri jarurat hai……. hindi main comment pad kar apna sa lagta hai……..jai Bharat!……..kkk_kamal2007@yahoo.com

14. ravi - August 26, 2010

Shiv kumar Batalavi was a legend, unhoon ne apani poetry se insaan ke sabhi bhawnaoon ko bahut khoobi se explore kiya hai, be it Mae ni Mae main ik shikar, Ik Kudi jida naam Muhabat,Akh kashani etc etc. Dil karta hai sunte hi rahen. Good work done by Aman, God bless you. keep it up

Aman Sharma - August 29, 2010


Thanks so much for the kind words and yes, Batalwi was truly gifted and great!


15. vikram - May 25, 2011

Wow! No words can describe the genius of Shiv.

16. Zahir - November 5, 2011

Thank you for the translation as I am not a Punjabi speaker. Love the song!

17. Ankit Singh - November 9, 2011

Dear Aman Jee,

Bahut badhiya kaam kiye hai… magar agar apke pass samay ho toh kripya iss gane ko Hindi mein translate kar denge.. maine bahut koshish kee hindi version khojne kee magar nahi mila.


Ankit Singh

Aman Sharma - November 10, 2011


Aap bata do kaun se songs and I shall try to do the translation.


18. Ramneek - December 20, 2011

Hey aman thanks a lot for this translation. It is really touching. I am also a Shiv sir’s fan.
Can you please do me a favour. Please translate Bad asees (yaar areya rabb karke mainu) of shiv batalvi also for me… I would be highly grateful to you.

19. Jimal - December 17, 2012

There’s nothing that can be said about this song…it speaks for itself in the mysterious language of tears

20. nardev singh thakur - July 30, 2015

After listening S K Batalvi,s songs I learned to deal with the most difficult time.psychologically I am more stronger now.S K Batalvi would always be in the hearts of Punjabi people.

21. infusinglife - January 24, 2016

‘I have yet to read some thing which is as romantic or as painful or as joyful as Punjabi writer’s writing are’—so true!! Thanks for sharing

22. thegauravyadav - March 2, 2016

Hi Aman,

I came across your blog while searching for the translation of this brilliant song by Shiv Kumar Batalvi. I had heard Jagjit Singh’s awesome rendition of this song. I did not understand it completely but the emotional intensity got through. I wanted to understand the lyrics which your blog helped me do. Thanks for the excellent translation.

I also wanted to ask you if you have translated any other Batalvi song? His poetry is special so it will be great if you can please translate more of his work.


23. Alt - November 26, 2016

Love can be such a painful thing..What i don’t understand in this translation is the hawk is portrayed as male!!!

Aman.... - November 26, 2016


Thanks for the comment. It’s possible that I may have made error but that’s the best I could think of.


24. Sumit - June 13, 2017

Hi Aman,
can you please provide the translation of poem “SHIKHAR DOPAHAR SIR TE MERA DHALL CHALEYA PARCHAVAN”? This legend never goes off my heart.

25. Lakshmender Sharma - June 26, 2017

Hi ,

I am one of the lucky ones to have listened ” Maae Ni Maae Main Ik Shikra Yaar Banaaya….” live on stage from Shiv Batalvi himself at Khalsa College Amritsar in the seventies. He was in tears while singing. Extremely emotional, an amazing talent, God bless him wherever he is.

Lakshmender Sharma
Vancouver, Canada

26. Navdeep kaur - July 16, 2017

Shiv kumar batalvi is my favourite poet.

27. Mahesh - September 13, 2017

Many thanks for posting the translation of this legendary poem !! Feeling blessed after reading it

28. Navdeep kaur - September 23, 2017

Sir ki tusi mainu shiv kumar batalvi de poetry “yariyan rab kar ke mainu”da meaning dasso ge.please sir.

29. Prashant chawla - March 3, 2018

Dear Aman
I loved your blog and I was just checking on google for the lyricist for this melodious song
Thanks for your explanation as well as details

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