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Few Lines Tocuhing Heart & Revealing A Story…. August 23, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Alot of times, few lines when we read, touch our hearts and we are forced to sit back and think about them if not many times still atleast for once. But its not often that few lines do two things and that is that they do touch our hearts but some where they tell a story of our lives also. Here are few lines which are describing something similar. These lines are depicting the story of a guy who have seen the real colors of every one and is telling what he is feeling now. These lines are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while. Have a read,
Ae khushi kade sade ghar v muskrandi aa,
Hauli hauli mukk chale ne saade dil de chaa!
Hauli hauli mukk chale ne saade dil de chaa!
Pio v changa maa v changi,main maadi aulaad!
Ghar dean de supne saare keete main barbaad!
Dil ne keha jo mann liya main,a llah hai gawah!
Hauli hauli….
Hauli hauli….
Tera mera ki rishta ae, samaj saki na tun!
Chitti chadar de vich ik din takk laina mainu!
Hanju akhan de vich bhar k, aakhengi na jaa!
Hauli hauli….
Hauli hauli….
Mae mere yaar nu loki maarde pathar!
Lokan nu ki kehna sanu apneyan da darr!
Roj roj di zillat nalon,de zehar gall muka!
Hauli hauli….
Hauli hauli….
Terian dittian chotan nu tan marham v nai laggni!
Mar javange sisak sisak k par patti nai bananni!
Gall sad lain de jakhman nu ,sadi eho hai saza!
Hauli hauli….
Hauli hauli….
Papi jamme papi marna, ki tuk yaaro ron di!
Lod nai hai asthian nu Ganga vich bahon di!
Bhar bhar muthhian uda deo is kamle di suah!
Hauli hauli….
Hauli hauli….
And the meaning in English is,
Hey happiness, come to my home too some day smiling!
Slowly all the charms of this heart are dying !
Dad is good, mom is also good!
The only one who is bad is just me, their son!
I have crushed all the dreams that they had set in their eyes!
I just did what my heart said and God is witness of that!
What was the relation between us, you never understood that!
Now some day , you would just watch me wrapped in a white clothe!
You would have tears in your eyes and will say crying, don’t go!
People are hitting my love with stones,
What to say to them when the most fearsome are the one whom I called mine!
Instead of insulting everyday, just give me poison and finish it!
The wounds given you by you will never get cured!
I shall rather die than curing them!
Let these wounds hurt me, this is my punishment!
We are born bad, when will die, will be bad!
There is no need to put my ashes in holy Ganga!
Just throw them away in the thin air when I shall die!
I am not sure that you would be able to relate to this one or not but I know some one whose life is told in these lines very closely. I shall tell that story some time later, not now. At the moment, just let me know that did you like these lines or not?



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