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T-Square…. July 12, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

What it is? Well before you jump on to some thing, let me clear the fog myself, it’s Trave Time , hence T-square :). Yes travel time has come. Though I am not much tensed about the program( doesn’t mean I am completely tension free) but there are some other personal things which are making me worried more than this official one. All I wish and hope is that both remains fine! Pray for me guys, I really need your wishes and prayers!


1. anki - July 14, 2008

hey hi. after so many days i read ur blogs leisurely. and wat for u sound worried? sum personal problem u wrote? anyways, u knw well, my prayers & wishes r always thr.

take care.

2. anki - July 16, 2008

hey hi,
i just finished reading baout ur chinese sunsign, monkey. v interesting. i wont b able to tell hw far it is true 4 u, but if it is, then perhaps, u r a v interesting person urself. 😉 . and ya, m a snake. though it is sumwat v close to wat i m , but nt totally. and waise bhi, m v bad at self analysis.

u take care….will scribble in ur blogs later.

3. anki - July 17, 2008

hey hi buddy,

do read 6000 steps-a chinese love story. its so damn touching. search for it in google.

take care.

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