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Few Words,Yet Again…. June 9, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I never thought that I would be able to write some thing,some thing which would be having any sort of relation with art. I don’t know how such nice things in our literature are written. But still , as it is said, sometimes, you don’t know what will happen which will make you do unbelievable things.  The same happened and I wrote my first poem, Few Words. And then I wrote 2 more, Once again and Few Words Again. As I mentioned at over these posts too, I am not at all a poet or even closer to that.  Its just what I felt and wrote, just tried to give face to feelings with words that’s all!
I haven’t written another “few lines”. This time its just 2 lines! And except for explaining the meaning in English ( as the original is in Hindi), I wont be explaining anything about it. If you have loved, you would be able to understand the meaning yourself. If you have never been in love and won’t understand the meaning, let me know and I shall try to explain. So here it goes,
Jo akhiri tohfa de gaye wo jate jate!
Boond boond mein lut raha hai wo bhi har pal!
And the meaning of this in English is,
That very last gift too which she gave me before leaving,
That too is getting away  with every drop!
As I said, I leave it on you to understand the meaning. If you do got the meaning, let me know too!



1. anki - June 11, 2008

hey Aman, tht ws so touching. it seems thr r so many pains buried deep inside u. watever, huever ws thr, just let it go…. i do understand wat u feel, but life goes on.

Cheer up, buddy!

2. Aman.... - June 11, 2008

Hi Anki,
Thanks for the kind words.
>>it seems thr r so many pains buried deep inside u.
;-).There are always so many layers inside of everyone.Not all are filled with happiness.
>>just let it go…. i do understand wat u feel, but life goes on.
Yes it does go on.Only thing is that time can heal wounds, can’t make the signs of those go away.They take much more longer than even wounds.

3. anki - June 13, 2008

so sweet, aman. anyways if u dont mind i would like to know whr u hail fm and wat occupation u r into? just being inquisite. i understand its nt a networking site, stilll…..

take care.

4. Aman.... - June 13, 2008

Thanks for the kind words.
I am from North India.I work as a computer professional specializing in Oracle database.Where are you from?

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