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A Different Sort Of Programming…. June 1, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I got this one in my mail! I am not a programmer and I really don’t like programming much. May be that’s the reason I chose to become an Database Administrator(which still I have to become though) but this programming is something which I guess even person like me could understand it and as like added bonus,it made me smile too! So have a read,
class Single_ female_professional                                 
   double styles;                                                          
   short skirts;                                                           
   long time_to_understand_ problems;                                       
   float mind;                                                             
   void knowledge();                                                       
   char non_co_operative;                                                  
 class Married_female_ Software _Professional                               
   double weight;                                                          
   short tempered;                                                         
   long gossips;                                                           
   float hopes;                                                            
   void work();                                                            
   char unstable;                                                          
 class Female_Engaged_ software _professional                               
   double time_on_phone;                                                   
   short attention_on_ work;                                                
   long boasts;                                                             
   float on_cloud_nine;                                                    
   void understanding( );                                                   
   char edgy;                                                              
 class Newly_ Married_software _professional                         
   double dinner_invitations;                                              
   short time_at_work;                                                     
   long lunch_breaks;                                                      
   float talks;                                                            
   void bank_balance( );                                                    
   char henpecked;                                                        
  class Husband_ wife_software _professional                          
   double income;                                                          
   short temper;                                                           
   long time_no_see;                                                       
   float new_software_ company;                                             
   void love();                                                              
 class Guy_who_wrote_ this                                                  
  Long time_on_pc;    
void work(); 
So how it was! Do let me know in which class you fall in ;-)!                                                     



1. anki - June 2, 2008

hi aman, tht ws so cool. 🙂 to tell u, i used to fal in the class of married woman once upon a time, but no more…. anyways keep blogging. u h lotta interesting things to share.


2. Aman Sharma - June 2, 2008

Hi Anki,
>>i used to fal in the class of married woman once upon a time, but no more
So is it “single and looking” now ;-)!Just kidding! Yeah I smiled and thoght others may like it too!Glad that found it good.
I try to give face to feelings with words.That’s all!
Do keep coming and reading.As always ,you are most welcome all the time!

3. anki - June 9, 2008

hey aman, its not that i m single and looking….i just called off my marriage…and tht ws quite painful thing. anyways i dont mind wat u said. keep blogging. it hs been quite long since u blogged last.

take care

4. Aman Sharma - June 9, 2008

I am sorry.I didnt meant anything but to just create humour.I understand what you must have felt as I know exactly what broken relations are.I just meant to create a smile.That’s why I also put that smiley and said “just kidding”.Still my apologies!
Yes I know that I didnt post from some time.I am writing some thing and will try to finish and post.Till the time,read the past posts.
Take care.

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