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Just Lost In Thoughts…. April 14, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Today my manager called me to give a news that he is going to Malaysia for a program. He called me up to ask about the place , how one manages there, which are the good hotels and about all other usual stuff that one needs to know when he is visiting at a place for the first time. He told me that another colleague of mine has told him that I have been there couple of times so he thought its a good idea to ask me about all this. As much I knew I tried to tell him. Everything was fine till the point when he asked me how many times and I visited there and what was the reason? I have been there 3 times and there are very few who know about this that I have visited there and most of them know about 2 times only. The 3rd visit is yet unknown ( and will be) to many, even for those are among the closest ones! He was completely shocked hearing and he insisted to know the reason what made me visit the place so many times? And he sounded more confused when I said that it was for some personal visit. He didn’t ask further and put the call to an end saying that he will share with my his experiences when he would come back. I just could manage to say , yes I shall wait to hear all that!
And I don’t  know what I should call it but today only, later in the afternoon, one of my friend called me and asked what is my schedule in this month as there are some guys who want to have a program done on two administration topics. He told me that he has suggested them my name so I shall get a call from them to settle the things. And guess where those guys have come from? Yes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I had no words with me except to say, I shall see what can be done.
I wont say what I am feeling? There is no point saying it here.  But yes there are so many things and thoughts which are hurting at the moment. Time and time again, I am forced to believe on this quote more and more,time can heal the wounds but the signs of them never go. Yes its just so true!



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