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Wedding, Shopping, Makeover…. April 10, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
So you thought I am getting married :). No its not the case. I am talking about my friend G whose marriage got fixed just few days back. I shall say that’s its really nice to see him so much happy. His would-be wife, P is also very good in nature. So as the marriage date comes closer, the preparations have also become more rapid. There are a lot of things to be purchased and the time is very less. So its a little chaos at times that happens. But its fun anyways.
So in the same process, me and G went today to see some Sherwanis. It was the first time that I was going along for some thing like this so it was all very new for me. As me and G didn’t have much idea about that from where we can buy and what to see in it regarding the quality and all that so we took along one more close friend of ours, Munish who got married a year back and had done some real good shopping for his wedding. You can imagine from this that he actually went to a very renowned designer to get his Sherwani designed and stitched for a fortune. Well in his own words,its one time event so its be extraordinary, so I guess if that’s true than there are no barriers or constraints. With him, we went to about 3 shops and looked for different designs, clothing. The designs were amazing and not to miss, all the sherwanis were very costly too. So we didn’t come up to any decision to buy some thing right away. Well I was the culprit behind it as I mentioned that it would not be of any use after the wedding so instead of that, I suggested for a designer suit. Manish also supported the idea as his sherwani is in the almirah since the day he wore it for the first time. So may be we shall go again tomorrow and see some suits.
G wanted P to have some face lifting done with some hair straightening. So he called her up and we went where my sister is also working. After getting Puja’s face work over, we went to Jawed Habib’s  for her hair work. I never knew that this hair straightening takes 5 hours. So for 5 hours, me and G had to sit there and watch the work done. It was done by  J. It was a good fun to see all that happening. I was amazed to see how much effort goes to make a normal looking face to a stylish one. But I must say the outcome is worth the effort and of price. P really got transformed and that was a proof of good work of J.
Well so finally after doing all this, we dropped P at her home and wecame back. There was a time when I used to think about wedding and all this too. But due to some things which happened, I don’t do it anymore but still I am so much happy to see my friend getting married and I am enjoying every minute in this whole process which will keep on going till the big day.


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