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A Good News Of My Friend …. March 29, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
I know ALOT of people. But I am close to very few. And those few are really chosen ones. a. When some one whom I trusted so much left me alone, he was the only who was there all the time with me, listened to my veins, gave me a shoulder. He stood all the time with me. Even when no one else turned up, he was there. Today he has got engaged. The gal’s name is P and she is from our city only. Just now G called me and gave the news. It was not expected today as there was no such plan for engagement today. It was just a formal meeting between two families and face to face meet betweenG and Pfor the first time. But G said , everything was okay between him and P and also between the families so it was decided that now it should be officially marked too. Hence the occasion happened. I couldn’t go today due to some personal reasons but I am very happy for both of them. May god give both of them this whole world’s joys and happiness. And suddenly I am realizing , I am now the only one in my group who is left single :-). So what about me ? Ha ha well nothing. I guess I am happy in this way only.


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