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Shael Did It Again…. February 20, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Love is a beautiful feeling. Some thing that is a divine gift for a person and is priceless more than anything else that one can get. Because we can buy achieve anything by our hard work, buy anything if we have money but we can’t buy a loving heart, we can’t make some one love us unconditionally by doing any sort of hard work. We can just wish that whom we love, he/she would love us too but we can’t ( and we shouldn’t too) force him/her to love us. Love is not asking, it is just giving without expecting. But a few expectations are there. It hurts when you wait for someone’s call to come and despite being free when the person doesn’t call you,it hurts. It hurts so much to stay awake the entire night waiting for a message to come but it never comes. It hurts when you want to wish that person best of luck for something but the other person never cares to look for your calls. It hurts so much when you got hurt by that very person only whom you had loved more than yourself, more than any other thing! It hurts beyond what words are capable to describe. The pain of those eyes who look at you like a joke is not bearable. No one else can understand that pain except the person who have heard those jokes, those insults by his/her friends/close ones. Despite that you have not done anything bad,still your eyes are down and you listen all that, bear all that insult just because that doesn’t any difference when that person whom you loved , for whom you tried to do everything have left you in this big world alone. It really hurts!
Some times, some thing that is there with you inside your heart, some thing that you have experienced yourself but which is not describable in words, that only is revealed by a song. Not all the songs do justice to that feeling of pain and the videos of the songs are some times much worse than the song even. But some songs do stand apart from that crowd and leave a mark in your heart. Those are very  few in number but its always better to have quality than quantity right?
Shael Oswal is one singer whose songs I have not liked much in the past. But he sang one song called Hiriye which forced me to change my opinion about his singing and his songs. That song was so close to describe the pain of a broken heart that I wrote few lines over my blog too. Shael has released another album Sun Le Ye Jahan in this year 2008. Once again, he has sung a song Jindhari (meaning life) in it which he has expressed the feelings of a broken heart so truly and deeply. And this time, the video is of as much the same quality as like of song. A guy who has lost his self and has gone insane because of the pain given to him by no one else but his love. What else could be more painful to see that even after all what happened, he still longs for his love to come and see him!
You can watch this song on YouTube here.  The song’s lyrics are in Hindi and also there are few dialogues which are there in the video. I shall explain the meanings of these dialogues and the song in English in a while. Here are the dialogues and lyrics in Hindi:
Shael asking  ward boy: Simran ayegi naa aaj!
Ward boy: Haan haan ayegi.
A while later, Shael is standing with the group of doctors:
Shael asking doctor : Simran ayegi naa aaj!
Male doctor to the lady doctor: Tum mental disorder par research kar rahi ho naa.Is se achha case tumhen nahin milega. Pyar mein dhokha khane ke baad insan ki kya haalat ho jati hai, see!
And here are the song’s lyrics :
Sooni sonni tere bin jindari sohinye!(repeat)
Sooni sonni tere bin jindari sohinye!(repeat)
Lagda nai,dil eh kahin!
Mar javange kar le yakin!
Rabba mainu yaar mera chahida!
Sooni sonni tere bin jindari,sohinye!(repeat)
Kitti main bhull ki,eh saja mili hai kyun!
Gal sari dass mainu khul ke!
Door kyun hoi in , lai ke sare sapne tun!
Jeevan main kiven in tainu bhull ke!
Oh rutt hasin, yaad aandi e, pal pal meri jaan jandi e!
Rabba mainu yaar mera chahida!
Sooni sonni tere bin jindari,sohinye!(repeat)
Phull ban jo khushi seene vich khilidi c,
Hun dil vich mere chubhadi e!
Lag gayi kisdi eh sade pyar nu najar,
Ajj mere utte dunia hasdi e!
Ki ho gaya , Jind meriye!
Kyon ho gayi, tun variye!
Rabba mainu yaar mera chahida!
Sooni sonni tere bin jindari,sohinye!(repeat)
And here is the meaning of the dialogues and lyrics in English:
Shael asking ward boy : Simran would come naa today!
Ward boy : Yeah yeah she will.
A while later, Shael is standing with the group of doctors:
Shael asking doctor : Simran would come naa today!
Male doctor to the lady doctor: You are doing your research on mental disorder right? You won’t find any case better than this for your research. After getting backstabed in love, what can happen to someone see!
And here are the lyrics in English:
My life is empty without you sweetheart!(repeat)
My life is empty without you sweetheart!(repeat)
I don’t find peace anywhere,
I shall die without you, please believe me!
God I need my love with me!
My life is empty without you sweetheart!(repeat)
Which crime I did, why I got this punishment!
Tell me everything in detail!
Why did you go far away, taking away all my dreams,happiness with you!
How can I live now forgetting you!
Those happy times, I remember now too,
And with those memories, every moment I am dieing!
God I need my love with me!
My life is empty without you sweetheart!(repeat)
That happiness which was like a flower inside me,
Now it hurts like a thorn in my heart!
God only knows who cursed our love,
But this entire world laughs at me today!
What happened my love,
Why did you only become my enemy!
God I need my love with me!
My life is empty without you sweetheart!(repeat)
My life is empty without you sweetheart!(repeat)
I have no words with me to explain anything further than what is already said in the song. There is nothing more that I can add to it. Just will conclude by  saying this only that  don’t hurt that heart who loves you. Love relations are not so easy to maintain. It takes a lot to be into love. Its much more than  red roses or chocolates on Valentine’s day. It demands everything from you, whatever is yours then too gives no assurance that you will get a few smiles but still its the most beautiful feeling and love relations need to be taken care like a child which we can let grow and become more and more intelligent but we can’t afford to let go him crazy and spoiled. There wont be ever any words to explain pain ever coz that’s what this feeling is about,.only that person can understand it, feel it who have it inside him. Saying sorry is not enough to ease that pain. These are the lines from Punjabi poetry,
uhde zakkam na hashar tak hon raazi….
jinna laggian prem katarian ve….
And it means that that person’s wounds wont get healed till eternity too who is wounded by love. So don’t hurt that person whom you love, who loves you, don’t argue with that person whom you say I love you, don’t find faults in that person whom you can’t live without. You never know by doing this, you are just walking on the path of losing him/her for forever and may be you will never get him back again. It doesn’t matter whose fault it may be, remember there will be one life in the end who would never be the same again as it was. Don’t give tears to someone who smiles with your smiles, cries with your tears. You never know, you won’t ever get that person again and that may be the only man/woman who was meant for you. You may not find like that person ever again in your life. In the video at the end, a line is displayed, love hurts, too much. Unfortunately some unlucky souls do experience that line so deeply and courtesy of no one else but their own love. Don’t know why?



1. Malika Jain - September 21, 2008

Heart-breaking post! And I love those 2 songs you mentioned in the blog…

2. Aman Sharma - September 22, 2008

Thanks Malika for stopping by here and for the comments.

3. vipin - July 25, 2009

i have seen the video bt can u plz tell me from where i can get that plz mail me at vipinsingh42@yahoo.com

4. Mittul Desai - May 13, 2010

Both the Songs are amongst the best love songs ever… Another beautiful song is Umar Bhar in the album Aitbaar… Do listen to it…

5. Gaurav chand..... - June 12, 2011

aman bhai u rock man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
g8 wrk on a beautifull song…………………..

Aman Sharma - June 15, 2011

Thanks a bunch for the kind words Gaurav 🙂 .


6. piyush - September 10, 2011

has anyone got the full album video song of his album KAHHAN HAI TU??
if found den pls send it b2 mail piyush.krrish@gmail.com

7. MEHER KOHLI - November 18, 2011

aman i am in love with this song…..eva ur becuz even u loved some1 by heart like me…….it really hurts when our loved ones cheat us…my boyfriend wants to come back to me but i dont wana go back to him because he cheated me for some gal…nd that gal is nohing in front of me…i am much prettier…now he realised this and is regretting…begs me to come back but i wont go back to him

J.P Chakraborty - March 4, 2012

good song by shael oswallllllllllllllllllllllllllll

very good song

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