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Celebration Time…. October 24, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I never thought that I would write a blog myself ever. To be really honest, I really didn’t know what is a blog actually till so long. Still even after reading others blogs for some time, I never could convince myself that I can write too ( and I really am sure about this that my writing is no where to be called good now too) so I was always a little reluctant about having my own blog. Than way back in September 2005, my first blog post on Blogger saw the sunshine. Again the color, theme all on the blog were picked coz of a reason and for a person. Than lot of things, people changed and I was like shaken from head to toe for some time( I am still not stable but trying my best to be) and there was a quietness over this space for nearly half a year till the time when I posted that I am still alive. A lot was going on at that time which was enough to make me distracted and disturbed over lots of things and people. At that time WordPress also was picking up very fast so my Blogger’s blog got a new twin at WordPress and said hello to the world. As Tim said in one of the comments on Howard’s post that writing is not some thing which should be taken as a motive to change this world.  Its you who is writing what you feel. I feel the same. Every one is having its own way to reflect his/her feelings.  Some paint their feelings, some give them a tune and some give their feelings a face by words. I am not at all a good writer but I hope some day I shall improve some what and write some good things  which still may not be able to change the world but will be enjoyed by most.  So even I am late in mentioning ( a month late) , still I guess I can say that its anniversary of this blog. These are my random thoughts reflecting my feelings in my words. I hope if you are reading this than you like it(if not much than a little is okay for me :). I have got some very nice comments so far. I thank all of you who said those nice words for the blog. I just hope you will keep coming back here!



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