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A Shocking Post From HJR…. October 22, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Howard Rodgers posted a question today on his blog asking that is it worth for him to carry on with the Forum? The same thought is meant for the blog and some where for the complete site too. I am not sure how many in Oracle community can differentiate between “quantity” and “quality” as with the passage of time, there are just now too many sites, forums and blogs talking about Oracle and claiming to be an expert in it. But there are just a few and I mean really very few who are truly good. I wont name any one as I shall for sure miss so many from it but yes I would say Tom Kyte, Tim Hall , Howard Rodgers, Tanel Poder and the list goes on and on and on, these are some those people who are genuinely good, really want to help people to learn Oracle and are there always to help for the most tough questions asked ( and some times very basic questions too). I am saying this coz I do ask myself some times very very basic questions and some times some sensible ones. There is a lot of stuff that is repeated over forums at times but still these all people never cease to help and are willing to answer and help always.  I really wont like to see this happen that HJR will shut down any part of the site. If you are an Oracle user/dba/developer at user/intermediate/expert level and are willing that a real quality web site for Oracle knowledge wont disappear, I would urge that post your vote at Dizwell.com in the favor of keep it going.



1. as - October 22, 2007

I noticed it together at top of Howard’s & your blog in my netvibes. Its so sad 😦 I left my comment http://www.dizwell.com/prod/node/1058#comment-4000

You might want to check out.

2. Aman Sharma - October 22, 2007

Yes its an indeed a very sad note.I can understand what he is thinking( not to his level but yes can imagine).But call me selfish or whatever, I still dont want Dizwell to go out.Its one of the best places on web world where things are what they should be.
Yes I checked your comment already.Very nicely put :).

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