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I Am….Back! October 13, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

🙂 Yes I am back at home.  It was a tough program and it took a lot from my side to prepare and deliver it. I yet have to hear the official outcome of how I performed for which I am crossing my fingers but the verbal response was good.  So I have a positive hope.  Rest lets see what happens and comes in front.
This was among the toughest and hardest programs and as I didn’t get much time, it became really hard for me to prepare. Though I did prepare from books and spent so much time on searching and reading things from Google.But there are two people who really helped me so much on some of the toughest topics.  Without their help and guidance, I don’t know how would I had covered those topics? These people are Tim Hall  and Howard Rodger. I must say that its not important to know everything but what’s important is to make others understand and help them. And these 2 persons ( and all the other great persons whose names I am not mentioning here) are doing so much great in it! Saying thanks is not enough but that’s all I can say.  Thanks so much Tim sir and Howard sir!



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