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An Unbearable Pain…. August 15, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Some time back, I wrote about a song, Sohniye Heeriye by Shail. As I said in that post too, if you have loved ever listen to this song for sure, if not much than at least for once. I watched this song’s video last night and today morning too. Its been since yesterday that I am listening this song nonstop. Don’t ask why coz even I don’t know ? Just know this that some how , just not able to stop listening it. Some times there is no reason for some thing and some times, any reason is not good enough.
One of my friend said this some time back,
kisse rabb wallon maare bande nu jarna soukha e
per j koi aape marr jave
ya jis nu aapni rooh de andar hi marna pave
baddi peer hundi e.
And its meaning in English is :
If someone is taken away  by God ,
Somehow someway one is able to bear that pain.
But if  some one kills you or gets killed or you have to kill some one from inside of you,
Than the pain of that is unbearable. It kills you and also your soul.
How true these words are! Isn’t it?



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