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Hair Cut & Reunion With A Friend…. August 10, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I went for hair cut today.  Me and my hair-dresser tried to have a new cut but or experiment didn’t work so back to square, I got back with my usual style :-).
I went to see my friend Aman (who have come from London ) in the hospital. Aman got operated just now for a very severe stomach ulcer. I sat with him for some time. I wasn’t there when he came and got operated as I was traveling. He is recovering good but still he will be in hospital for some days( he has already spent almost a month there). I just wish and this is my pray to God that he gets well as soon as possible. Lets see what happens?


1. Kavita Kaushal - August 13, 2007

Hi..may ur friend soon gets well..
U 2 tk cr..

2. Aman.... - August 14, 2007

Hi Kavita,
I realy hope and wish the same.Lets see what will happen?

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