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Google Webmasters & Yahoo Site Explorer…. July 9, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I am blogging from some time now on my Blogger blog and on my WordPress blog.  I always wanted to have a website of my own so I made my website on Tripod(free)   and also using APEX technology. I yet have to have a full fledge website of my own, I mean which will be run by me and will also be hosted by me but that too will happen very soon.
For any site, how its accessed and what are the search statistics for it by Google and Yahoo search robots. I was just reading Tim sir’s blog where in one post he has mentioned that Andy C has posted about  Google Webmasters and Yahoo SiteExplorer. I never knew about these two tools so I thought to see whether my sites and blogs are indexed or not? Gladly they are and now the next task for me is to authenticate my blogs and sites with them which is a matter of concern as only Blogger allows to have a template which can be modified and so is Tripod whose site HTML can be modified.WordPress cant be modified as I am a free user and APEX is not registered as my site’s URL is not understood by either Yahoo or Google at the moment :-).



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