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A Happy Moment…. June 8, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Yes it is.  After almost 20 years, mom had been promoted and also got the place of her choice. From last some time there were lots of problems going on at her school.  Finally she is able to come out from that environment and also from the company from those people who didn’t value her and her presence there.  Anyways its just a very happy moment for entire family.Congrats mom!



1. Kavita Kaushal - June 8, 2007

Hi Aman..Congrats..to Auntie ji and as well to ur family..May god keeps on showering these happy moments always on you and your family..I felt some contentment in her eyes.
Take care..

2. Aman Sharma - June 9, 2007

Hi Kavita,
Its been a long since she was happy.I was not there when was she undergoing all of that pain and pressure in her office.Things which I have heard were enough to make me burning.But I am so much happy that she came out from there and got the place which she wanted.
Thanks a bunch for the wishes Kavita.
Take care.

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