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Few Lines…. May 9, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Some times in very few lines or words, a lot is said, all the pain and/or joys are told in very few words.  I read these lines some where. I wont be explaining their meaning in any other way as those lines in themselves say a lot. Let me know what you thought about them.  Have a read:
You made me cry,
You tore me apart!
You left me in tears,
You have shattered my heart!
It wasn’t your fault,
I know it was just me!
I must knew, love isn’t forced,
And you never loved me!
Now that I know,
It still doesn’t help!
Because for some reasons,
My heart won’t let go!
I shall quietly leave some day,
Coz that’s the last that I would do!
But it wont be so easy as I just said,
Coz of bleeding wounds given by you!
I always dreamed to be in love,
Thought its a heaven full of joy!
But I lost all the smiles,
When you threw me away like a waste toy!
I made a mistake,
I longed for little love and some smiles!
Never knew, all that’s meant for me,
Are pain,tears and just cries!
That day this pain started,,
Dreams shattered and reality struck too!
When my love was slapped and you said,
I never loved you, have  nothing anymore to do with you!



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