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Astrological View For 2007…. February 21, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Well I was just checking my mails and there I saw an online advertisement flashing and saying”know about 2007 for you”.Not a bad idea :-).In case you don’t know I am a Monkey from Chinese Astrology  and Aquarius from Indian astrological point of view.  Both of these signs make sure that when the sign bearer decides to do something, he does that for sure.  That’s the same what I did!So here is what I have found out for me in 2007 both for my Chinese and Indian sun signs.  Lets see how much is going to come true?Click on the following links:
2007 for Monkey Chinese animal sign
2007 for Aquarius
For your Indian sun sign forecast for 2007, click here.
For your Chinese sun sign forecast for 2007, click here.
Well it is said too much in these reports that I am too much intelligent and all that.  I seriously have no idea why they say like when intelligence and me share the same relation which water and fire has.  Also they say so much that the person of this sun sign is so much good and all that, again something which is not even closer to myself.  Well lets see how things go?Fingers crossed!



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