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Funny Questions & Answers…. February 19, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I came across these questions and answers on some site.I liked them so much that thought will share with you all.Hope you will like them.Have a read:
Q. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?  
A. Concrete floors are very hard to crack! 

Q. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it? 
A. No time at all it is already built. 

Q. If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the   other hand, what would you have? 
A. Very large hands. 
Q. How can you lift an elephant with one hand? 
A. It is not a problem, since you will never find an elephant with one hand. 

Q. How can a man go eight days without sleep? 
A. He sleeps at night. 
Q. Why it is impossible to send a telegram to Washington today? 
A: Because he is dead. 

Q. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become? 
A: It becomes wet. 
Q. What often falls but never gets hurt? 
A : Rain 

Q. What is that no man ever saw which never was but always will be? 

Q. What looks like half apple? 
A : The other half. 

Q. What can you never eat for breakfast? 
A : Dinner. 

Q. What gets wet with drying? 
A : A towel. 

Q. What 3 letters change a girl into a woman? 
A : AGE. 

Q. What happened when wheel was invented? 
A : It caused a revolution. 

Q. Why is it easy to weigh a fish? 
A : Because it has its own scales. 

Q. Why does a bike rest on its leg? 
A : Because it is too tyred. 

Q. Bay of Bengal is in which state? 
A : Liquid. 



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