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Day Update…. January 22, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
Well there was nothing much that happened today. Though I was a little upset but some how some people made me smile. Got calls and wishes from all family and all around the globe but there are some special ones too which stand apart from the rest all. My parents,younger sis and some other persons who made this day for me a really special one. Today started with some upsetting but just due to all of these people, I was able to smile.  Have no words all, have really no words to express what I am feeling?
What did I do? Well I went for the hair-cut.  And after so long I did something which I was always reluctant to do.  Any guesses?No?Alright I shall tell then. I colored my hair :-).Yes I did that coz I wanted to try something different and this was a good start.  Want to see my new color?Have a look:
Just Another Pose....
Well I hope its looking okay on me.  Its not my style but still, there is no harm in trying right? So I tried and yes I wont lie that I am feeling a little uneasy but I guess that’s the same feeling you get when you trying anything for the first time and have to represent yourself in the public.  Lets see how it goes?
We had a small celebration at my home with me, mom, dad and younger sis .I went toa friend’s  home .  They brought a cake for me which I cut and M rubbed a big chunk of it on my face. As I am fasting today so I had nothing to eat.  So I had cup of tea with sweet.  There were jokes and some leg-pulling in all that.  But all were smiling.  With smiles on our faces, we got back to our homes.
That’s all that happened today folks.  Nothing much or nothing too exciting.  So now as its already 12pm the time when I am writing this  Lets see how this year turns up for me?


1. kavita kaushal - January 23, 2007

Hi Aman..so u rocked with ur hair color nd ur style..yes a gud start..y u know it is an indication of change..a bright, light and gud change..take care

2. Aman Sharma - January 23, 2007

Hi Kavita,
Well I was really a little worried about my color of hair.How it will be received by all of you and all that.But it looks okay naa.Just this little bit of fear factor is there.I guess it looks okay.Let me know.I am getting open to more and more changes coz I want to incorporate more addition and changes in me.

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