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26 Today…. January 22, 2007

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Well yes, its not so much important day and definitely there is no public holiday too today.  But still would like to say that its the day when I came on this planet called Earth :-).Yes its my birthday today and I have seen 26 years of my life now.  Last year on this day, I was not well, both mentally and physically. Well this day, I am a little bit upset again from mental perespective.But hey its my birthday today so will kick this upsetting too.  Reason for being upset?Well some reasons are not meant to be told as words don’t do justice in explaining them completely.  Some times, some people give you never ending pains and cries and you have to live bearing them, there is nothing more than that you can do about it. I guess that’s all I can say about me being upset Well never mind.  So what I am going to do?Guess?No idea?Well a secret is going to get revealed with you just now, even I don’t know yet :-). Lets see how the day goes? We have just started.  Hope it will turn out to be good.



1. kavita - January 22, 2007

Hiiiiiiiiiiii……………….bday boy………….a verrrryyyyyyyyyy haaapppppyyyyyy birthday to u……… just 2 line for u..
“Har khushi ho vahan tu jahan bhi rahe…
Zindagi ho vahan tu jahan bhi rahe………”
Hey no upsetting….kithey hai tu… where r u….Upset bilkul nahi hona… got me…

2. Aman Sharma - January 22, 2007

Hi kavita,
Thanks alot for the wishes.Thanks so so much!

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