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Its My SONY…. November 5, 2006

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Okay so finally I got my own laptop!Am I happy?To tell you the truth, I don’t want to answer this question at this moment.  So when I shall answer?Well all I can say is that you have to wait for a little while longer to get the answer for it.  Its not that I am waiting for some technical analysis of the laptop to be done and than I shall post the results of it.  I am just waiting for some times to come.  For now I shall just say this only that its a nice feeling that you have your laptop at least for me its a very nice feeling.
Al rite, so you must want to know which model I chose? Well I did a little bit of research and I finally landed up on Sony Vaio SZ38. Among all the models that I saw, I liked this so much because of its sleek design powered with Core 2 DUO( 2ghz) with a 1gb(I am going to upgrade it very soon) RAM.  With a 13.1 inch of screen size and just 1.65 kg of weight,its really a laptop that can fit and sit well on your lap :-).Good work SONY!



1. kavita kaushal - November 6, 2006

hi aman..congrats!!!..yes it makes us to feel nice whn u get something for which u hav waited much….and the time whn u get its real happiness is not so far…its approaching u…wait patiently…wishing al the best…for u nd ur SONY…bt aman….. u know…one look……realy happy for u…bt will be much hapy whn u vl get its real happiness at the time u r waiting….

2. Aman Sharma - November 6, 2006

Kavita I said to you today that get some time free.But I guess duty called you up.Just make yourself free for some time and you are most welcome anytime.I shall reveal when I shall be really happy( I am now too but still there is something which is stopping me)!That’s a promise!

3. Sameer - December 4, 2006

hey aman, u have any idea if this model is available in India now?…. and what is the current price in INR???? it would be of great help if u could help me cos the information is not available in the sony website…..

4. Aman Sharma - December 4, 2006

Hi Sameer,
Yes this model is NOW available in India at a price tag of 124900/- Rs.But I guess you will get 2GHZ processor and 120GB HDD in the model which is available in India.Check it out from any Sony Authorised Dealer.They will get you one.If you still cant get it, do let me know I shall see what I can do.
Thanks alot for stopping by.

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