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Feels Like Empty…. October 24, 2006

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I am not able to be so much active on my blog in the past few days.  Not because that I didn’t want to be or I was busy but coz that I am feeling empty from inside.  I am not sure why it is?There are some things that are there which are not letting me concentrate and think consistently.  That’s why you have seen borrowed articles on my blog more than ever in the last few days.  I am not very happy with it.  I have some things in my mind but I am not sure how much time I shall take to give them a face with words.  Hopefully I shall recover very soon. Please bear with me till that short while. Thanks a bunch!



1. kavita kaushal - November 1, 2006

hi aman…empty nt empty bt u dnt know wat to say..litl tensed u r..as i find its due to some unstable state of mind..relax everything vl come on its own way at its time..nd u cant catch or change the time..it vl whn it is to….take care..nd nvr say nt even think u r empty…

2. Aman Sharma - November 1, 2006

Kavita, I really am not feeling anything inside me.I dnt know why this state of mind is there but its there, thats what I know.May be its coz of some things that are happening or somethings which has already happened but I can feel this blank space.Just want it to be fine as soon as possible.

3. kavita kaushal - November 2, 2006

hi aman..u r able to identify the blank space in u..acha hai..sometimes the situation comes whn one has to say “don’t know” or “pata nahi”. soon it vl b filled by what nd by whom .. cant say bt my faith says it vl b…tk care

4. Aman Sharma - November 5, 2006

Lets see when it happens Kavita.For now, its a painful experience, that’s all I can say.

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