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New additions in Favorites…. July 29, 2006

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

As you have already have noticed there is a list of my most visited websites and daily read blog maintained on my Personal APEX website  and on my Tripod website  . Besides these two places, I maintain it own my Blogger’s Blog too. This includes which are not related to Oracle or anything related to IT even and also some very special and most popular sites of Oracle Database and Solaris Operating System. I am always in search for the new and the best sites/blog which can be beneficial and useful for both the techno people as well as the those who have nothing to do with IT altogether.  So continuing the process, following are the latest editions in my favorite blog/site lists.  Hope you will find them useful for you.  Have a look:
  • YouTube – A very unique website which is having thousands of music videos hosted on it.  They come from all the artists, bands and music groups.  Great place to hear as well as see music.
  • PL/SQL Programming – PL/SQL best tips/techniques/best practises.  A very useful resource for the people who love to work in PL/SQL more than any other programming language.
  • The Pythian Group – Pythian group, specialized in remote DBA work.  One of the best in the market.
  • BlogLines – If you have a habit of reading blog with the morning tea of yours and are always worried that you wont miss anything coming from your favorite blog/site/news than give it a try.
  • Steven Feuer’s Blog – Steven Feuer, worlds leading PL/SQL expert writes over here about his interest and passion, PL/SQL and also non-technical matters of interest.

Hope you will like all these sites and are finding the blog interesting. If you have any website or blog that you think is special and unique in Oracle/Solaris or any  blog which you read , which is interesting and having good posts in it, do let me know and I shall add it to in my favorite lists.  And yes, don’t forget your own website and/or blog too ;-).




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