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Few words….Again! July 26, 2006

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

As I said before when I wrote Few Words  and Once Again  that I am no where even near to be an artist and not trying to be too.  What ever is there in these lines, it is just what my heart says and feels about somethings. For me, it just giving words to my feelings so if there is some thing that is not right or doesn’t make sense in an artistic way than just assume, it was never intended to be like that at the first place. Do let me know your comments for sure, good and bad, both are equally welcome.
I still remember the first day we met,
I still remember the first words you said!
I was alone, never met love ever before,
You came, it felt as a wave met the shore!
I felt contended, I felt complete,
You were my every wish, everything I ever need!
We started a journey  holding hands,
Life became heaven as touched by a magic wand!
There was happiness, there were only smiles,
With you, endless dreams I set in my eyes!
Everywhere was shine of dreams, warmth of those smiles,
But I forgot, dreams shatter too with the sound of cries!
We made a promise of being together forever,
You broke it when you said, you loved me never!
You changed your path, said we have to get apart,
Left me behind with the pieces of my crushed heart!
Those pieces now drop through these lonely eyes,
They will never stop, no matter how hard I shall try!



1. kavita kaushal - July 26, 2006

hi aman..h r u..u said “Those pieces now drop through these lonely eyes” ur dreams hav been replaced by those pieces i know..bt just b sure these vl b replaced i dnt know by what nd by whom..bt its for sure..pata nahi mainu aidan kyon lagda hai..dnt know..bt u need to relace them nd u vl..remember sometimes “ignorance becomes a bliss”….dnt let urself spoil u only in any case, in any situation, at any cost..right..i vl write some more after some time..abi itna hi..milte hain break ke baad..bye take care
one thing more 2day i asked u r u ok bcoz i felt u were nt..ur voice appeared to be shivering..nd yesterday ur eyes again were luking same means wetted as i saw them few months back whn i came to ur home..no aman this shud nvr evr hapen again..take care aman.

2. amansharma - July 26, 2006

Kavita yes those dreams are shattered which I saw a few time back.But my dreams, what I have to do are and will be always there and I shall work till my last to make them come true.Someone who will come and replace them, I dnt know whether that someone will really come or not and to tell you the truth, I really am not waiting for anyone anymore too.I didnt get that quote exactly.Explain it to me how it fits me?Yes I shall replace these pieces too.I am doing it slowly but I am!Take my words for this!
I shall wait for the rest kavita.Dont make me wait so long for it :-).
Yes I am not okay kavita.You were right as like always.I just finished writing this and was just a little upset.Eyes, yes eyes were wet.They were coz after it was hurting so much to think about some things.I wrote to you something in the message last night about the tears.They dont listen.They really dont!Its okay.Will make them listen too.

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